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The Dailyitem.com website attracts the local & regional news reader in the heart of central PA. While constantly evolving, dailyitem.com is the number one web resource in our region for local news, breaking news, sports and entertainment information. We recently introduced our smart phone friendly mobile website, with Android and iPhone apps, targeting opportunities one on one with your advertising message.

Beyond our own loyal readers, we can partner with over 120 other CNHI newspaper properties and supply advertisers with behavioral-targeting opportunities from national vendors such as Verve Wireless, Zip to Save, Autoconx and Zillow delivering your message to the right person at the right time.

The Daily Item website is the market's most trusted source for comprehensive coverage of local news, sports and entertainment which captures a large and loyal audience for our portfolio of web products. Our newspaper website reaches over 276,000 unique visitors every month, with more than 7.8 million total page views in 2010.

The dependable reach, along with creative tools like flash ads, video and mobile advertising; makes dailyitem.com the ultimate source for online ad targeting, tracking and value.

Our experienced Digital Media consultants can help you create an effective online marketing campaign. Reach your potential customers where they go, reading content they choose at the time that's convenient to them. We're online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We give our audience what they want when they need it.